Born from complete harmony between two professionals passionate about wood, Laludelo is a new outdoor furniture brand that tames the light and sweetly plays with it.

Gardens are places of peace and balance that invite people to share with each other. Laludelo’s designs adorn this traditional safe haven with style and elegance.

Like hands with intertwined fingers, the design of Laludelo’s arbours and armchairs conveys harmony and solidarity. First designed with wooden poles, these structures are to be created in various materials, from aluminium to fibreglass, then talking to everyone’s feeling for art.

A noble story about wood

Patrick Lardé

"As a non-conformist man, I experienced various environments and jobs in the industry, forestry and arboriculture. As I felt in love with Francis Cuny’s art, which is so pure and out of time, I saw in his models some innovative concept that echoed a value dear to our hearts: living well and in harmony together. So our meeting, which was all about wood, soon became a concrete outdoor furniture project. We wanted it unique, noble and very pleasant. Aiming at professionals from the luxury hotel sector and art lovers, Laludelo’s designs simply are… ‘la lumière de l’ombre’, or the light of the shadow !"


The architecture of Laludelo simultaneously creates shadow and plays with the light, whether it is natural or artificial. Day or night, our arbours and armchairs offer a welcoming environment, for both the sun light and the visitors. Feel the harmony between the human being and the work of art, should it be made of wood, fiberglass or aluminium !

The Laludelo company will make sure Francis Cuny’s creative work is fulfilled. Each piece of furniture is unique and brings its own life, dream and sensuality. We will even come and visit you to have a better appreciation of your home and garden, in order to design the piece of art that will be the perfect fit for you.

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Designed in the guise of “bois soleil” (wood and sun), these architectural arbours came to life through the mind of French carver Francis Cuny and the hand of experienced woodworking technician Patrick Lardé. Or should we talk about wood loving.

Raised among loggers and forest rangers, both men came to develop a profound attachment for trees. As a natural and timeless material, wood has always presented a great nobility. Alive, it lends itself to the artistic creation game… while still dictating its own law.

Francis Cuny discovered it very soon, when he started experimenting wood carving on various wood species. For the artist he is, carving has been a way to express his feelings but also to invite people to talk and share about the life which lives in his designs. Meeting with Patrick Lardé, an industrialist with a solid experience, was the opportunity for the latter to live his own artistic dream as well. Between reason and passion, Laludelo was born.

Francis Cuny

"There’s only one step between logging and wood carving. Craftsmen and artists use the same technique, the same tool: chainsaw. My own creative mind was first triggered while participating in some artistic test during a wood-cutters competition. Today, my work reflects my own roots and honour both my family and forestry works. With its lines that intertwine, Laludelo is just like the bonds that were forged during this collaboration: it is about associating the creative spirit and the technical know-how."


The light of the shadow


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